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The goal of two in one is us is to point to God who is the creator and designer of marriage (see Genesis 2:18-25). He gave value and meaning to marriage and now we are able to build on Him as our foundation, as it seen clearly through the gospel (see Ephesians 5:22-33).  We want to share our thoughts, views and life with you in hopes that you will be strengthened and encouraged to pursue God and find value for your marriage.

At two in one is us, you’ll find our blogs, videos, stories, studies, quotes, and many other resources to help you value and grow your marriage in a way that glorifies the designer of it “GOD”.

Jonathan Perez
Jon Perez

Jon has been a (PK) Pastor’s Kid all his life. Although being a pastors kid wasn’t always easy, he was instilled the fear of God as a young child.  As he matured he came to the understanding that all those years his faith in Christ and knowledge of who God is came from what his parents had taught him and what he had seen growing up as a child.

During his early adulthood he was able to really understand  the true meaning of the Gospel, which caused him to grow a deep hunger for the Word of God and a heart to serve the church.  Jon served as a  youth pastor for over 11 years and later went on to become the Assistant Pastor of the church.  In God’s perfect timing he plans on obeying God’s call to Senior Pastor and lead the church where he has grown up and served in all his life.

Aside from his pastorship, Jon is an entrepreneur, who excels in marketing and consulting.  His favorite food is pizza, enjoys watching and playing basketball, and loves spending  quality time with his wife and 4 kids. But above all, he has a passion for people,  and his zealousness for the Word of God has lead him to teach others the true meaning of the Gospel by living a Christ centered life and preaching gospel centered messages. 

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Yanis Perez
Yanis Perez

Yanis was blessed as a young child with a Christian upbringing.  Although she strayed away during her high-school and early college years, God continued to pursue a relationship with her. The Lord drew her back unto His path and she was able to graduate with her Bachelor’s degree in psychology from UCF and attain a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from PBA.  She continued on to pursue her Doctorate degree from Argosy University when all of a sudden she realized that her calling from God from that moment forward was to raise her two wonderful children who are now 8 and 9 years of age.

She is continuing to follow God’s call for her life as a Pastor’s wife and a stay-at-home mom of four wonderful children. She has been homeschooling her two oldest kids since pre-k and they are now entering into the fourth grade.  Yanis plans to continue homeschooling as she understands this is the plan God has laid out for her family.  On her free time she likes to read the Word, listen to podcast on Biblical womanhood,  go to the beach, do makeup, and catch up on some tv shows with her hubby.  

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Our Purpose and Commitment

Our primary purpose is to glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is through Him we have found value in our marriage and it is by Him that we are able to have complete oneness in our relationship. As we continue to build on Him for a healthy marriage, we pray He will use our marriage to reflect Him and his bride as we edify His people.